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Patent Approved!

Patent Approved!

During the Development Phase, we submitted a patent application and it was approved. You see the Invisible Guardian application was designed prior to smartphones being ubiquitous. So we have a tremendous advantage over the competition. We have protection from even the biggest tech giants (and they know it). Via the patent certificate, we have a monopoly on the use, production, and distribution of our patented idea.

Invisible Guardian: Core Functions

Invisible Guardian: Core Functions

The Invisible Guardian app is a patent-approved app; it is a mind and life-saving app that has 6 core functions:

Invisible Listening to secretly make audio recording with your whistle and personal secret code word. Could be used as a resource for survivors of domestic violence.

Invisible Escape could be used for those dealing with uncomfortable workplace harassment. To setup you must create a screenshot for your picture that’s coming through when you receive your phone call and your secret code word to activate this function. After you have used your whistle and secret code word that activates the escape phone call. You can then show people your phone that has your picture screenshot that you previously set of incoming call and you would use words like mom, hospital, work, etc., which then will give you that phone call to get you out of unwanted, uncomfortable, or dangerous situations).

Invisible Alert a whistle and your secret code word text friends and family your name your GPS, and you’re in trouble in seconds you can be feet from your phone and your phone stays black so your perpetrator has no idea what you just texted 911.

Invisible High Alert goes straight to 911 with the app providing automatically your name your GPS location to law enforcement.

Invisible phone check-in to leaves messages on your elderly or handicap or PTSD, dementia , etc. contact on their phone for your loved one to receive messages throughout the day that you have set up this is using your voice and instruct them to pick up the phone to hear their messages or reminding them to take medicine, etc. If they do not pick up the phone, their phone will text you that the user has not responded to check-in tasks, so that you can either go home call 911 have a neighbor do a welfare check or call and see why they’re not answering, engaging the proper actions to possibly save their life.

Invisible GPS to use your secret code word for friends or family or 911 giving them alert on their phone your location. Great for users who may fall down and you can’t get up. Users may not be able to push a button. When the Invisible GPS is activated, the system is checking on your loved one as many times as you want during the day. Maintain your peace of mind at work that’s why we call it a mind and lifesaver app.


Invisible Play: activates via an icon – the world it blinks and you can’t physically spin it, it’s really cool and calming. Spin the world to calm hypertension, nerves, ASHA, down syndrome, PTSD, etc.).

Invisible Guardian

Invisible Guardian is your security. You hope to never use, but it’s there 24/7. The app helps users survive in cases of emergency by always listening (in any language) !!! With just a whistle or shrill scream from the user it alerts the app to listen for a secret code word, as defined by the user.


Our Award-winning Design Team

Our team has created this best-in-class mobile app, which is a catalyst for Invisible Guardian’s entirely new focus — transforming how consumers find security and confidence in this modern world.

Invisible Guardian’s recent launch of the new Android app is the first step in many changes as the company moves to be safety-first, mobile-first in this Apps20/20 era. Invisible Guardian is dedicated to transforming its organization to become a leader in personal cybersecurity for millions of users worldwide.

Invisible Guardian offers comprehensive security collaboration to share location, send instant emergency notifications, etc. The app is just waiting to kick into action — it truly is an Invisible Guardian, but once it hears your whistle and secret code word, It will do what you previously instructed it to do. It kicks into action! The app works as security force multiplier, we suggest that you sign up with friends and family to streamline and provide automated welfare checks and use it for neighborhood watches as well.

Get the Invisible Guardian app today. We hope you never need to use it, but it will be with you 24/7 like your own personal bodyguard. JUST BREATHE! Let the Invisible Guardian app be your cyber-security blanket.

Our Award-winning Design Team

Limitless Options for Our Limitless Vision

Our goal is to provide users with a rewarding app to help them reach their security goals. Invisible Guardian is built for the pace of modern life. The app helps users survive in cases of emergency by always listening (in any language)!! With just a whistle or shrill scream from the user it alerts the app to listen for a secret code word, as defined by the user.

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Limitless Options for Our Limitless Vision

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About Us

About Us

Brenda Wilson Van Horn – Invisible Guardian

Executive Director / Application Development Designer / Entrepreneur

Brenda Wilson is modern-day visionary for the 21st century. Although she is now in her 60’s, she has developed the first app for the 2020’s and the #MeToo movement — the Invisible Guardian app. Her desire for positive change is a result of where she came from when she was younger as a victim of domestic violence.

Amazingly, Brenda raised four children all by herself, as a cancer survivor, with no living relatives ever around to help when she was very sick. She was told to plan her own funeral. You see the challenge of cancer was something she knew she could beat. Brenda is a survivor. She decided it was time to get a divorce while pregnant and while all the other kids were still in diapers. To fully understand the situation, her husband was an abuser of alcohol and she wasn’t going have her family raised in that type of environment.

Of note, Brenda’s mother-in-law at the time was financially secure to say the least, and asked that she to stay with her son for two long years, who she knew was a drunk. So she did stay with the husband, but dying of cancer, she (her mother-in-law) didn’t do anything for Brenda or her family. She was essentially a single parent having no living family to help her with breast cancer and going through divorce – her in-laws never financially helped. As a result, she stayed with her husband as she promised for two years being in an alcoholic environment and the domestic violence was so great that the police had to come several times to the home and have them removed. Brenda eventually did get divorced while she was still pregnant. She went through 21 surgeries to remove the cancer from her body. Brenda is a Survivor.

Brenda always had this distinct entrepreneurial spirit about her, and while others were busy doubting her crazy ideas, she was working very hard to prove them wrong! A lot of people are focused on making money and creating a name for themselves, Brenda did it all to raise a family of 4 boys by herself. She sold high-end cars (Mercedes, Jaguars, and BMWs), and worked her way up to become dealership sales manager for over 2 decades. She became very successful and has been retired for many years now. She resides just outside Mount Rainier in Washington state where it is breathtakingly beautiful every day and very calming.

Although she has been retired from the car business for quite some time now, she’s been busy. Over the last decade, Brenda has received a patent (Method for Automating Emergency Distress Signals From a Networked Peripheral Device, Patent number: 9799206) and copyrights for the Invisible Guardian app. Additionally, she has a robust pipeline of at least 20 more inventions and patent-pending devices. For example, she has a nano technology product to complement the Invisible Guardian app. The most amazing part of this story is Brenda had the vision and design for the app about 10 years ago before smartphones were ubiquitous (that’s why she is 10 steps ahead and already has an approved patent for the Invisible Guardian app). In order to bring her design to completion, she went to college to learn how to work on computers and build mobile applications. The product Brenda produced, the Invisible Guardian app, she believes it will be credited for being one of the main catalysts that brings about the rapid growth of mind- and life-saving apps. She believes mind- and life-saving apps will be the next evolution in mobile applications. She calls this next technology period: Apps20/20.

Brenda’s main purpose for the Invisible Guardian app is to help women in every continent. She believes it’s a $5 billion app, but her passion is in spending all her time and energy to help women and men everywhere with this mind- and life-saving app. Her time is limited, so she doesn’t want to waste it. Brenda is a survivor. She isn’t living with the results of other people’s thinking. Brenda ignores the noise and now is the time (technology now on smartphones can fully support the core features of the application) to bring Invisible Guardian to the people.

Brenda’s passion is great and she is a survivor. You see she lost everyone at age 16 and every single second that goes by somebody is passing away and she really knows this app can save lives. From humble beginnings, she has lifted herself up from the bootstraps and eventually believes she will be the creator of thousands of American jobs. Brenda designed and created the Invisible Guardian logo herself; it says so much more under closer inspection. Not only is Brenda skilled in designing and delivering highly effective market expansion, new business development, organizational development, and new app solutions – she’s a visionary. The Invisible Guardian logo, as you can see, has the shield for protection of the all seeing eye with the world in the center. Also, there are three lines above the eye and seven lines under for each of the seven continents. Brenda incorporated the color purple for domestic violence and some white color for purity. It is all wrapped with strength colors of gold and silver, which are impenetrable.

Brenda is excited about this next generation of mobile applications she calls the Apps20/20 era as well as excited about the forthcoming launch of the Invisible Guardian app, which serves a cyber-security blanket for app users. Brenda created this app so people from around the world, who are security proactive, are ready for emergencies like domestic violence, assaults, natural disasters, missing persons, mass shootings, etc. Users hope to never use, but it’s there 24/7. She created the Invisible Guardian app to help the world be a safer place, one app user at a time. Users can accomplish amazing things with Invisible Guardian – security and confidence via a beautifully simple app. The app is designed to help users get through their day safely and securely while allowing the user to be more confident to take on the world and survive.

Brenda designed the Invisible Guardian app to help users survive in cases of emergency by always listening (in any language)!! With just a whistle or shrill scream from the user, it alerts the app to listen for a secret code word, as defined by the user. Once Invisible Guardian is activated with the personal secret code word, the app is put into activation mode to execute a defined safety plan. Brenda developed the vision of an app over a decade ago as a device that would be like having a personal bodyguard 24/7.

Brenda knows more than most that everybody’s lives matter because life is so precious and there’s no amount of money that can replace a person’s life. She knows if you ask anybody that has lost someone that they would pay any amount to get them back or keep them safe – you can’t put a price on somebody’s head. Brenda checked the statistics when creating the business case to support the Invisible Guardian’s vision and in one day in New York City there are 151,000 domestic phone calls. She built the Invisible Guardian app is for men and women so they don’t get accused unjustly. She firmly believes we should protect everyone: men, women, and children. The app is not biased it’s a phone. The app can be customized to do what it can for survival, yet there’s no guarantees in life. But, with the Invisible Guardian app, it will do its best if you set it up properly and are in a satellite-enabled area for the app to be your cyber-security blanket and 24/7 bodyguard.

Looking forward Brenda has a renewed vision of the app to branch out into entertainment. She sees the Invisible Guardian app as a tie-in to its own TV show, only being a little bit better. Brenda believes showing the app in action saving lives rather than talking it will demonstrate to non-users how they have passed on this is incredible app. For them (non-users) to say all the stuff, and then at the end of the show somebody has to speak for all the show victims and how the worked. Brenda having seen enters screen left after the climax to explain how the mind- and life-saving app helped the Invisible Guardian user. If nothing else, Brenda is a survivor and when you put her on screen with wrongdoers and her passion for the Invisible Guardian app, you’ll see Reality TV become Real TV in the App20/20 era.

Brenda is modern-day visionary. She knows that by designing the Invisible Guardian app to be simple as possible users will be the key to its success. She see things differently, but you can’t ignore the simplicity of the app design versus the immense safety and security value of the application. And while some people will call Brenda crazy, she is a genius. She is a survivor because she was crazy enough to think she can change the world so everyone can be a survivor – Invisible Guardian your cyber-security blanket and 24/7 bodyguard.